CBD Dog Treats biscuits

CBD Dog Biscuits


NVJ CBD Dog Biscuits – 500g

CBD Dog Biscuits are nutritious treats to add to your dog’s diet to promote health and general well-being. NVJ CBD Dog Biscuits help with relief from pain, arthritis, separation anxiety and ageing.

NVJ CBD Dog Biscuits – 500g pack

NVJ CBD Dog Biscuits contain pet friendly ingredients such as oats, banana, peanuts, coconut oil,  CBD oil – all the good stuff your dog loves! NVJ CBD Dog Biscuits are a great way to introduce CBD into your pet’s diet.

The benefits of CBD Dog Biscuits include:
  • Relief from joint pains and arthritis
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Improved temperament
  • Healing of cancerous cells and tissue
  • Improved awareness
  • Faster physical healing
  • Pain relief from injuries
  • Improved skin and coat
  • Dogs love them!

Our CBD Dog Biscuits and CBD Pet Oil have been reported to have calming effects on dogs during fireworks season.

Alchemiss, in collaboration with NVJ Quality Products, offers a variety of quality cannabis based products at the best prices. Always consult a medical professional and use your own discretion and the instructions as guidelines.


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