NVJ CBD Pet Oil – 30ml


CBD Pet Oil for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets 30ml

NVJ CBD Pet Oil is safe to use as a daily supplement for cats and dogs to promote physical health and general well-being. The use of CBD in animals have shown to help with skin disorders, cancer, pain, inflammation and anxiety.




NVJ CBD Oil for Pets – 30ml

CBD Pet Oil by NVJ is a CBD based supplement to add to your pet’s food to promote health and general well-being. NVJ Pet CBD Oil assists domestic animals in relief from pain, arthritis, separation anxiety and ageing.

The benefits of CBD oil for pets include:
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Epilepsy and panic attack control
  • Improved temperament
  • Healing of cancerous cells and tissue
  • Improved awareness
  • Faster physical healing
  • Pain relief from injuries
  • Improved skin and coat
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, horses and other pets

CBD Oil has been reported to have calming effects on dogs and cats during fireworks season. A few drops of CBD Pet Oil can be added to your pet’s regular food or on a treat. Spoil your furry friend to our famous CBD Dog Biscuits.

Alchemiss, in collaboration with NVJ Quality Products, offers a variety of quality cannabis based products at the best prices. Always consult a medical professional and use your own discretion and the instructions as guidelines.


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